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So you understand how mobile/cellular phone technology arrived where it's at today, here's a brief timeline of events leading us to where we are now:

1876 - Alexander Graham Bell makes first telephone call

1906 - Guglielmo Marconi makes first voice transmission using radio waves

1912 - First commercial telephone calls made in UK

1921 - First car-mobile radio used by Detroit police department

1925 - Wireless telegraphy used on ships, aircraft and in police cars

1946 - Radiotelephones introduced in USA

1947 - Bell Labs developed cellular technology basis for modern mobile phone networks

1956 - First car phone released in Stockholm. The size of a suitcase and weighing 40kg, it ran off a car battery.

1979 - First cellular phone system deployed in Japan

1983 - UK gets analogue TACS system

1985 - Phones with 20kg batteries introduced

1991 - European Community unifies digital networks with GSM

1994 - SMS text messaging launched